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I grew up in the Balule Nature Reserve and have always had a passion for the bush and the fauna and flora that exists here. As a child immersed in nature, I was a voracious reader of all field guides and books about the Kruger Park, which then led to my career as a field guide and lodge manager. I come from a strong conservation background, my father founded and named Balule and called the inaugural meeting when I was a young girl. His message to me, stated many times since, is that you have to leave the world a better place then when you came into it. This, together with my love for the bushveld and its flora and fauna, impelled me to join Rocking for Rhinos. Different forms of the rhino species have existed for 50 million years. Our current 5 species originated from 5 – 20 million years ago.  Once roaming throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and North America they are now limited to reserves in Africa and Asia. Since the 1970’s over 90% of the world’s rhinos have been killed. If we do not take drastic measures now, our children will be reading about rhinos as we once did about dinosaurs. I could not look my daughter in the eye and say we let them go extinct on our watch. Rocking for Rhinos offers a new approach to conservation, combining education and entertainment to raise awareness and funds to protect one of the world’s most iconic species. This education and awareness are vital, Baba Dioum said it best, “In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.”

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