I was living in Fourways, Johannesburg, working as a tattoo artist in 2011 when I first caught wind of the Rhino poaching issue that was on the rise in our country. Having been a field guide for a few years after finishing school I have always been passionate about wildlife and the natural world in general... READ MORE


All my life I have enjoyed animals, both domestic and wildlife, and have always wanted to create a change for all those that cannot speak for themselves. When I was 18 I trained to become a nature guide as I wanted to teach people about the beauty of the nature that surrounds us, and educate them about the need to... READ MORE


I grew up in the Balule Nature Reserve and have always had a passion for the bush and the fauna and flora that exists here. As a child immersed in nature, I was a voracious reader of all field guides and books about the Kruger Park, which then led to my career as a field guide and lodge manager. I come from a strong... READ MORE


I heard about Rocking For Rhinos in 2016, while working in the bush doing close Rhino protection on a farm in Louis Trichardt. Being the avid festival goer theat I am, I begged the boss for a chance to work at the R4R Festival, as the company had plans to be there. It didn't happen...

By chance I joined...READ MORE


My name is Kim, and I joined Rocking For Rhinos because I reached a crossroads in my life where I never felt like I was contributing towards - anything - And being a part of a team that sometimes feels like we are just a drop in the ocean - We know that even the smallest difference is a step in the right... READ MORE


I believe that each one of us has the power to make a difference, and when we join forces with passionate people ...READ MORE