Rocking For Rhinos is a registered non-profit organization working towards not only the abolishment of Rhino poaching, but also the protection and management of the remaining Rhino population.

The organisation was formed in January 2012 by a few extremely motivated, passionate and dedicated people, united by one fundamental issue: the now critical plight of our disappearing Rhino population and the war that must be waged against the poachers and ring leaders that are the direct cause of the demise of this gentle creature.


We are based in Hoedspruit, a small town in the Limpopo province of South Africa, surrounded by game farms and in close proximity to the Kruger National Park.


Our mission is to do everything in our power to contribute to the fight against Rhino poaching. This includes spreading awareness, supporting the teams on the front lines, placing pressure on local authorities and educating as many people as we can in order to create lasting change. The primary aim is to provide the general public with a real opportunity to contribute to this necessary cause through attending the Rocking For Rhinos music festivals and annual tours. These events fuse great music and conservation to give these magnificent creatures a voice.


While our sole focus at this stage is the plight of Rhinos in South Africa, it is our vision to one day support an array of wildlife conservation projects throughout South Africa.


It is the responsibility of each and every South African Citizen, and international, to put an end to this ongoing senseless slaughter. 
























Over the past 6 years Rocking For Rhinos has produced five Music Festivals and hosted a South African tour of the USA band “Our Last Night”.

Rocking For Rhinos is essentially a conservation orientated event production company that puts on extravagant events such as music festivals, art exhibitions and auctions with the sole purpose of raising funds in support of our selected beneficiaries doing rhino conservation related work.

While a portion of the funds raised go towards putting on these events, a significant majority of these funds are paid over to our beneficiaries.

Over the years we have come to realize, that if we are to create true change and international awareness for the plight of South Africa’s Rhinos, we need to focus on bringing out well known international acts as well. Having well known international celebrity musicians touring and performing in South Africa for conservation, our cause and efforts gain escalated focus in the international field and we increase our potential to raise funds for our conservation initiatives. 


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